​"Meeting the customer's needs", "Exceeding their expectation"

CNC Machining

Our customers require high quality parts at an affordable cost, and we strive to meet these requirements by using one of our Haas CNC machines either by milling or turning.  We currently have the following that assists us in meeting your needs:

Haas VF2 w/4th Axis

Haas VF3 w/extended travel and 4th Axis

Haas L20 Lathe

Machining & Fabrication/Welding​


Pinto Products has the experience and knowledge to fabricate and/or weld components and/or fabricate weldment fixtures for all your project needs.  Either your project calls for aluminum or steel, we can fabricate and weld per your specifications within suitable tolerances.  We currently utilize the following equipment:

3 Lincoln MIG

1 Miller TIG

1 Lincoln Stick

1 Plasma Cutter

1 Scotchman Cold Saw

1 Grizzly Band Saw

1 4x8 Siegmund Welding Table

1 4x8 Welding Table

Multiple grinders and sanders

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Manual Machining

We also utilize a magnitude of manual mills, lathes to assist in the production of various parts that don't require the precision of a CNC machine. We currently have 2 lathes, 2 mills, 1 double-headed drill press, 1 drill press, and etc. These might be considered "old school" but they get the job done with a skilled operator.


We have the capability to form/stamp a small array of parts that are required by our customers for their various needs. Currently we have two presses that can handle small parts and small runs.