Finishing & Plating​

Anodizing & Plating

We offer Anodizing and Plating as an addition service to our customers to lessen the burden for them to find and process on their own. We take your headaches and turn them into ours by working with multiple vendors to ensure "top-notch" finishing.

 Powder Coating 

We currently offer powder coating for small parts with small quantity runs using a mid-size coating booth and small batch oven. Any specific color can be run with quality coverage.

We've partnered up with one of the top powder coating companies in the area for larger parts and larger runs.

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Black Oxide

Pinto Products offers Black Oxide on smaller parts with small production runs, and we have had many successes in doing so. 

For those larger parts and runs, we turn to the best Black Oxide providers in the area, and their quality exceeds all others.