Full Service Manufacturing

Components, Assemblies, Complete Products, Tooling, Prototypes, Welding, and Reverse Engineering

Pinto Products combines skilled and certified welding personal with a wide range of welding equipment to meet all of your needs. TIG, MIG, and ARC welding needs.

Steel and aluminum, Mig or Tig, Pinto Products Inc has the capability to fixture and manufacture your weldment. Our certified welders are capable of delicate welds on small jobs, as well as large industrial projects. We also make welding fixtures to securely mount and hold your work pieces.

If production weldments are what you are looking for, we can supply parts needed as well as design and manufacture fixtures to hold your tolerances throughout the welding phase and supply you with a completed part.

Finishing and Plating

Powder Coating, Black Oxide, Plating, Anodizing

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Metal Stamping manufacturing is the process of creating metal parts by applying extreme pressure to a blank piece on metal and forming the metal into a desired shape. The stamping machine incorporates a specially made form or die which gives the stamped part shape.

Machines used in stamped manufacturing range from a simple hand press or hydraulic press, to the much larger machines referred to as drop hammers. All stamping machines incorporate a form or die to give the stamped metal the desired shape.


Pinto Products utilizes a Haas CNC bar feed lathe for precision and speed.  Large quantities can be cost effectively produced.  For prototypes and smaller quantities, our skilled machinist can make turned samples that can be used for part validation, functionality and performance.  Pinto Products Inc. can turn parts made from steel, aluminum, brass, bronze phenolic and hardened tool steels.

Machining and Fabrication

Milling, Turning, Stamping, and Welding

The world market requirements of better products, at lower costs and faster deliveries, complicated by demands for shorter runs, have triggered an unprecedented demand for high speed and precision technologies. Pinto Products Inc. utilizes Haas milling machines designed to provide the latest in precision and speed. We offer complete 4th axis rotation capabilities for rotational milling. 

Along with Computer Aided Manufacturing software, complex geometries, toolpaths and G codes are simplified allowing Pinto Products Inc. to deliver a wide range of parts and applications.

Machining & Fabrication‚Äč