Reverse Engineering 

Occasionally, part dimensions are needed when there are no drawings or prints available.  To solve this problem, Pinto Products Inc. can "Reverse Engineer" an existing part. 

Dimensions are manually taken off of each component and entered on a drawing drafted by our engineers.  Although not as accurate as a part print, reverse engineered parts are can duplicated usually within +/- .005 of the original part.  Reverse Engineering can also be used to produce assembly drawing and procedures. 


Our precision machining capabilities are utilized to produce a wide variety of components such as automotive repair tools, belt tension gauges, weldments, and milled parts for the medical and transportation industries.  With production capabilities ranging from just a few parts to thousands, Pinto Products Inc. can produce your parts in a timely and cost effective manner.
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A prototype is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process.  Some products may go through several generations of prototyping before a design or concept is finalized. In addition, prototyping is a way to work out any problems or design issues prior to full manufacturing of a product.

Sometimes drawings and dimensions are not available and  prototyping is a way to bring a concept to the initial stages of production.  With the use of prototyping, one can quickly and easily turn product designs into physical samples. Virtual prototyping can be accomplished with 3-D modeling that allows a part or concept to be viewed before it is ever made.  This can quickly and easily identify design flaws and manufacturing concerns before costly samples are made.

Pinto Products Inc has the ability to design using virtual prototyping and then create matching samples.  Call Pinto Products Inc. with your concept  or design and we can make it a reality.

 Full Service Manufacturing

Components, Assemblies, Complete Products, Tooling, Prototypes, Welding, and Reverse Engineering

Finishing and Plating

Powder Coating, Black Oxide, Plating, Anodizing
 Complete Product Manufacturing

Pinto Products Inc. offers numerous assembly services, including complete product manufacture and assembly.  We are can relieve you of any manufacturing problems by over-seeing the production from start to finish. 

From lining up material and part vendors, maintaining adequate inventory, thru assembly and packaging Pinto Products Inc. can deliver a completed product to your door.  Private labeling or drop shipping to your customers are also services we can provide.  The designers at Pinto Products Inc. refine parts and processes to avoid secondary operations where possible, resulting in a more cost-effective production process for our customers. 

Full Service Manufacturing


A sub assembly is a number of machined and purchased components integrated into a single unit - often forming one part of a larger and more complicated assembly. This can include any product within the capabilities of our manufacturing process, and within a huge range of materials.

Machining and Fabrication

Milling, Turning, Stamping, and Welding

For a part to be machined and to ensure repeatability, tooling designed to hold and locate must be used.  Tooling is any piece of equipment used to hold and manufacture a given component.

Tooling can include drill jigs for locating holes on a part, weld fixtures to secure pieces prior to welding, or dies and punches to create shapes.  Tooling pieces are usually assembled into fixtures dedicated to a specific part.  Sometime universal tooling can be designed for more than one use.  Tooling can also include form tools, step and staking fixtures, milling vises and stops and drill guides.  Pinto Products Inc. can build the tooling and fixtures needed for your job.  When possible we eliminate dedicated fixturing and the related costs and create standardized tooling & work practices that become significantly more efficient & productive.  

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